the robot that teaches you to program.

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Robotiky is a small robot with online tutorials and games that teaches someone with zero programming knowledge how to program.

- Chris Mairs CBE, chair of the UK Forum for Computing education

'Robots are a great way to engage young children with technology, and the Robotiky programming model really does have tremendous potential for building upon that initial engagement to teach substantive computational thinking and coding skills.'

- Lilly, 10

'I like it when we get to see the robot move knowing that we made it do this.'

From drag and drop...

We don't want our product to limit you.

So whilst robotiky starts out with super easy drag and drop, it smoothly transitions to full code within the same environment.

It has a very gentle learning curve, beginning with tutorials that will have it moving within 5 minutes of unpacking and ending with the ability to write code that can not only fully control robotiky, but is also for writing custom programs.

... to real programming languages.

Super easy

1. Web Based

All the software is online
- you don't have to install anything

2 .Setup in 5 mins

Robotiky is ready to go straight out the box
-no complex setup

3 .Universal

Connects as a USB stick
- access it with any computer

Challenges to help you learn

Kids love games. That's why robotiky is built around a series of challenges, each taking from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.

Each challenge is designed to meet a specific objective making it easy to keep track of progress. This ensures learning objectives are met in a fun and manageable manner.

The kit

Robotiky is packed with features; ranging from the ability to follow lines drawn on pieces of paper, to knowing when you turn the light on or off!

When you combine these with the ultimate power of coding - Robotiky can react intelligently to changes in its environment!

We believe the kids of the future should be creating the next facebook, not just sitting on it. We would love to hear from you: